Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came to the AGM today. Special thanks to Dr Andrew McClean for his brilliant presentation "Why are people with ANCA Vasculitis fatigued?" Also thanks to Prof Lorraine Harper who spoke briefly about how Vasculitis research in the UK is leading the world. Also how patient participation is valued by the medical profession and how talking to your consultant about how you feel is so very important.

There were a record number of people at the AGM today and it was good to meet some old friends and make new friends. New trustees were elected and a new vice chairman.

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  • well done

  • Thank you so much John, Susan, Pat and everyone at VUK, it was lovely and informative. And a special hanks to Dr. McClean for scientific insight into whats keeping us weggies tired all the time, keep up the great work :)



  • Thanks not hanks lol typo apologies

  • I would love to have heard Dr. McClean's presentation but was not able to attend the AGM. Is it possible to access a transcript of his presentation, and/or the results of his analysis, online? Thanks

  • Unfortunately, at the moment we're unable to provide details of Dr McClean's presentation as it was based on a medical paper that has yet to be published. Hopefully that will be very soon though and we'll be able to give a full report in the Autumn Newsletter.

  • Did Dr McClean give any hints about how to minimise the fatique?

  • It was a really good day :-) x

  • Thank you to everyone that organised a very successful AGM and good to meet so many people!

  • Hi Budapest

    Dr McClean's work has been to find out why it is that we are fatigued, what causes it, do we report more fatigue than others others with severe disease and with those without disease, and a number of other things. It wasn't aimed at answering the question of what we can do to lessen the fatigue we suffer. That's for another rainy day !!!

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