Smelly Feet

Dear all,

I asked, a while ago, about constipation and apparently touched a few 'nerves'- in a good way. So, since I have started a discussion on one, slightly 'awkward' subject.....Do any of you-especially those of you who are, like me, constipated a fair bit- also get smelly feet? One girl that I have known, for some years now, definitely does get both together- the poor girl really has to strain sometimes!

As I said above, another of these 'difficult but necessary' post, I believe.


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  • I believe that both smelly feet and constipation can be improved by diet, also drinking lots of water and aloe vera is also supposed to help. Do you have a good, healthy diet at the moment?

  • I do try to have a 'healthy diet', as far as I can. However, a bit like 'going' it can sometimes be hard!

  • I know the problem, those simple carbs can call to you sometimes!

  • What do you mean 'sometimes!

  • Okay first, if you have smelly feet, its an enzyme which lives on your feet, go to the chemist and buy some DRICLOR, wash your feet morning and night, for a week, apply after each wash, No more smelly feet, Do NOT buy from Boots, as the bottle is a third of the regular size, as for the other problem, "ooch" Okay prune juice still works...

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