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Painful Feet?


I am currently in remission with WG. I had my 6th infusion of ritux 3mths ago. This is the best I have felt since being diagnosed. I still have all the usual problems that I have come to accept, such as joint pain fatigue etc. But I am in alot of pain and discomfort with my feet. It feels like they have been crushed. I have to walk down the stairs side ways in the morn and lately it feels like they are getting worse. I am currently not on pred and trying not to start them again. Does anyone have any ideas for pain relief?

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hi kate, my feet are painful too at the mo, they even hurt when I breathe out!

hope someone comes up with suggestions.

regards, sandra


No suggestion only sympathy. Mine ache too. J


Hi Kate,

Painful/burning/tender feet seems to be one of those symptoms that patients experience but doctors don't seem to know about. When I raised this question at a meeting a couple of years ago, even the great David Jayne (who knows everything about vasculitis) said that burning and painful feet was not a characteristic of vasculitis.



I too suffer from deep aching in my feet feels like bone pain or tooth ache, I used to think it was because I was standing too long and resorted to wearing layers of soft socks (not a fashion statement!) it now is more intermittent. The intense burning has also subsided for the most part.

The only way I deal with it now is feet up if possible and then pain relief as some days any pressure is painful.


Hi Katie I suffer from burning, tender and sometimes swollen feet as well. I have churg Strauss and have always put it down to the fact that the nerves in my feet and lower legs have been damaged. I find it really difficult to wlk barefoot. My physio reckons the skin on my soles needs to be toughened up a bit and so I do try and walk as much as possible on them. Reflexology seems to help, also my kind partner massages them at night for me which helps and swimming does. Placing them in cool water for a little while also seems to help. If there are any other suggestions out there I'd be grateful? It's good that you are feeling better apart from that. All the best


Hi Kate John has a hard pillow at night to rest his legs and feet. John often complained of aching burning feet. The pillow helped a lot. John also had a DVT in 2007 due to the WG so now the pillow also helps with reducing any swelling especially in the the humid weather.

As John says Doctors don't seem to recognise the aching legs and burning feet as a symptom of Vasculitis but a big majority of people I talk to with Vasculitis complain about aching legs and burning feet especially in the early couple of years of being diagnosed. But then doctors (except for one we know off) don't have Vasculitis do they? and they are still learning a great deal themselves about Vasculitis and the strange symptoms it seems to cause.

take care



Yep! I fully agree - foot pain seems to be part of the package (mine is suspected cerebral vasculitis). There are days when I have bought new shoes to wear when out just to try to relieve the pain. (Even when the shoes I have are all sensible and normally comfortable). It just seems to depend on the day. Also I think I have single handedly kept the gel insoles companies afloat amid the recession! :-)


oh the times I've done that! sandra.


Hi I have Microscopic polyangiitis & have had painfull feet for nearly 4 years, I find a hotwater bottle at the bottom of the bed, even on warm evenings, does the trick for me.

I`m still not sure if blood sugars are also an isue

Good luck



I too have MPA and painful feet. Yesterday after a long walk, with trainers on, and it was quite hot my ankles became swollen and my feet went in to the usual cramp, quite a surprise as it has not happened for a while, so this leads me to think maybe the fluid presses on the nerves in the ankle which would make putting your feet up make sense. So probably the reverse is true and when they ankles get cold that affects the the nerves as well (use cosy bed socks!)

Just a thought.



It looks like painful feet can sometimes be another side effect of vasculitis and we just have to get on with it.



when i had a problem with burning, painful feet. my g,p, prescribed forceval vitamin tablets,they worked, when i asked him why, he said i needed the trace elements in them, also,crocks are the ultimate in comfort for sore feet,.i often forget to put sensible shoes on ,but if my feet are happy ,i dont care how i look


the soles of my feet turn bright red and the veins become raised.



Hi i no just how u feel i have had cronic pain in my feet for the last 7/8 years my feet are now deformed as for pain relief i take tramadol,parastamol,

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