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is it a flare

i have wg but supposedly in remission.i had kidney failure a few yrs ago but with meds there ok now.for the last week i have had dull ache around the right side of my back which also goes around to the front feels like i have been bruised and punched.went to gp urine was ok got to go back for a blood test i was wondering wether it could be the kidneys again i just dont feel right and hurts more when laying down pain killers are useless,any advise please

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if you have already suffered kidney damage you should not hang about and make an appt to see your consultant who treats you for your vasculitis as soon as you can. have you been having regular kidney function blood tests? John has a kidney blood function test every 12 weeks even though he is considered in clinical remission. You really need a full kidney blood test , an urine test on it's own is not adequate and only a rough guide, particularly if you have already had kidney damage.



Dear tracy65,

I can't agree with Susan more, go and get this checked NOW-still here? You shouldn't be! We would both, if not all, be very pleased if you proved us all wrong-please, please do!

I have had kidney disease, the pain(s) you describe, was on dialysis for four years, have had a transplant, nearly eighteen months ago- so I DO know what I'm talking about! Just please do prove me to be a stupid, overreacting, clay for brains, idiotic old man- I won't mind at all! Actually I would be delighted as, I'm quite sure, would Susan.

In the mean time do take care of yourself (and prove me-us all wrong!)

Very best wishes AndrewT


Thanks guys had a blood test yesterday I got to phone for results next week this is at the gps .i still have the pains


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