Rudy is a study in Rare Diseases of the bones, joints and blood vessels. Headed up by a research team at the University of Oxford

This is just a reminder about the RUDY research study here in England. Anyone ‪diagnosed‬ with v‪asculitis‬ can register and sign up. This link will give you more information but you can contact them yourselves and ask any questions.

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  • Well Suzy - their website doesn't make it particularly obvious how to email them since if you click on the email link it offers a choice of rheumatology or PEC. I have called the phone number twice and been redirected to the switchboard who appear to have no idea what the RUDY study is.

  • The general procedure is that you register and someone will contact you, they will not contact you immediately but probably over the next few days. The RUDY project is run from the University of Oxford. Prof Raashid Luqmani is the lead research clinician

    Hope this helps, as far as I know it is only available to patients who are seen in English hospitals.


  • filled in the registration form clicked -------nothing, form ( already filled in )comes up again,---and again----and again. Nothing wrong with the filled in form and no suggestion that there is, so have given up.

  • I will check it out again, maybe try later when I have checked it out. It is a project which will be ongoing over the next few years. They just might be in overload , I posted the same link in the fb vasculitis group yesterday and about 30 members signed up. I will try and find some more info and get back to you jackrussell


  • Wasn't for me - I wanted to find out more before passing it on to others. I couldn't.

  • I think it has already been shared with other groups such as Genetic Alliance, Behcets Society and PMRGCAUK . Prof Luqmani discussed the RUDY project at the BSR Autumn Conference this last week to ask Rheumatology doctors and Consultants to encourage their patents to register and join.


  • May have been shared with PMRGCAUK - but it doesn't appear to have been disseminated to the more distant parts of the UK!

  • It seems to be working OK at the moment. I signed up without any problem


  • that's good to hear, Chris, no one had any problems yesterday. John signed up a little while ago and received a telephone call about 5 days later, asking some questions.

    Susan :-)

  • I've tried on numerous occasions to get into the RUDY platform. It certainly lets me input my email address and password but then I get an error message saying " Ooops! Something went wrong"..... I actually mentioned this to Professor Luqmani when I saw him last (he's my Rhuematologist) and he said they were on to it. However that was 6 months ago and it seems it's still not working!

  • it seems to working for most people but not for a few, anyway John is seeing Prof Luqmani tomorrow so will have a word ;-)

  • I have signed up a while ago. It all went smoothly.

  • I see that Rudy was first posted some three years ago, but I have only just found the site. Are you still recruiting?

  • Yes they are 😊

  • I would love to sign up. I think my diagnosis of cns vasculitis makes me suitable and I would love to learn more about the disease and perhaps being in some small part instrumental in helping the research.

  • Have you taken part in the new survey that has just been posted in the community?

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