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RUDY - A study into rare diseases of the bone, joint and vessels

If you live in England and have been diagnosed with Microscopic Polyangiiis, Takaysu Arteritis, Churg Strauss Syndrome or Polyarteritis Nodosa and you would like to support the RUDY study , please can you register.. they really need more numbers of these types... also surprisingly enough Giant Cell Arteritis. Having said all this , they are still recruiting all other types too..

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Sue, would this also include such vasculitides as Rheumatoid Vasculitis with associated mono-neuritis multiplex in the extremities?


yes Albasain it does :-)


I tried to contact them on the number given to ask about GCA and PMR and the only person I got knew nothing whatsoever about it. I did tell people on the PMR/GCA forums but I gather a few wanted to know a bit more about it - as I did - and in the absence of any info didn't complete anything online.


you can call this number 01865 223407 if you have any problems please get back to me and I will try and find out what the problem is.

Best Wishes



There will be an update about the RUDY project at the Oxford Vasculitis Support group Meeting by Raashid Luqmani so I am sure most questions will be answered then. March 29th 2015 .


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