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at easter I sufferd with new doctor said he would not give me anything for it,even though I told him about my

depleted immune system.several weeks later it was a water infection,this time, a different doctor.antibiotics and an ultrasound scan. I visited yet another doctor for the scan results,they hadn't comeback yet.i begged for more stronger antibiotics as I was going on holiday the next day and in agony with my innards,it took 12 days before I woke up relatively pain free.the scan results indicated cysts on a kidney and an ovary the doctor thought that was causing the pain ,I explaind in more detail the horrible things that were happening,like 15 times to the loo one day and the smell being extremely obnoxious .next blood tests to rule out ovarian cancer,thankfully normal and a ct scan,which revealed an abcess in my bowel, 2 weeks strongest antibiotics and probiotic suppliments,followed by another scan,not been given the results just referd to another gastroenterologist,awaiting appointment, also my rheumatologist is waiting for the abcess to be cleared up to check if my wegners has flared again. I am feeling worn out and very sorry for myself.things can only get better [cant they??] georgia

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I can only sympathise, so sorry you are going through all this.

I am mid flare and GP suspects gastritis - that is bad enough! - awaiting appointment with rheumy (6 Oct). Feeling nauseous most of the time, changed anti inflammatories from Naprosyn to Celecoxib to try to help, GP says give it a week and if no better he'll redo my bloods; had them done a month ago and they were ok.

Luckily I don't have any pain with my stomach, just everywhere else! Also just had CA125 test to rule out ovarian cancer, like you my test was good so relieved.

Just had infection under a tooth and had to have that taken out to allow infection to heal; like you feeling a bit fed up and quite down and having to concentrate on positives because it would be all too easy to curl up and give up. Went to bed early last night and had a bit of a weep (not a good idea as have sjorgrens so don't produce tears easily :( ) Feel a bit better today, sometimes that's what you need to pick yourself up again and get on top of things.

Take every day as it comes and I am sure things will get better!

Best wishes,


“We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.”


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