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Believe it, or not!

It is now over a year since I had a kidney transplant. I have just been referred back to Ipswich Hospital, for all things relating to the actual transplant. I am however, for the present anyway, remaining under Addenbrooke's Hospital for vasculitis. The new doctor that I'm under , DR Ande (Andy) IS an authority on vasculitis however....I'll keep you posted. Has anyone else been referred to this doctor, I would be most interested in your comments please.

Many thanks


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I have been under Dr Ande's care since I was first diagnosed in January 2013 with Wegeners he is an excellent doctor and very knowledgeable about vasculitis. He is very easy to talk to and always seems to have plenty of time to give


Sorry about asking a question on a different topic as I am somewhat alarmed at a stupid thing I did re CSS and cry toxic . We'd is the day I take 10mg of cytocixic along with dozen of other tablets puffers patches etc however thinking I had taken all my prescribed drugs for that time but then I see one cytotoxic tablet on the table , I was unsure whether 2 tablets came out of the bottle , advice from the chemist is don't take another , so I have probably missed taking my weekly poison , for safety reasons , my question is has any one else stuffed up on the chemo poison tablets. In there life with Mr CSS and what course of action did you take to keep things on track


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