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anca result

I finally got my ANCA result today which took 4 weeks to arrive It was negative, however I'm not sure if that's good or bad, as I am still having symptoms of WG.

My Dr. said he will contact the vasculitis clinic at Addenbrooks, so I assume it will be for a referral, so another wait.

I see my Rheumatologist on the 4th March re my GCA [ 6 monthly check ] and have read that Rheumatologist also deal with vasculitis patients, all confusing.

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Rheumatologists do see patients with Vasculitis , a negative ANCA result does not necessarily mean you do not have WG. It is good your doctor is talking o Addenbrookes and seems to think you have something going on as well as the GCA.

It can be confusing for so many , but Addenbrookes is one of the best hospitals to be referred to for treating any type of vasculitis


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As Suzy says - with these things a negative result doesn't always mean you don't have something, nor does a positive mean you do - they are all pieces in a jigsaw and by looking at the overall picture they make it gives the doctors a better idea of what it may be. Even slight differences are important. The most positive thing is that your doctor is referring you to one of the best places for diagnosis and treatment in this field. After my personal experiences - kudos to your GP!!


I was diagnosed over 15 years ago with WG and have always been ANCA negative but it was confirmed on biopsy. I'am under the care of Addenbrookes and I hope you get the answers you need.

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Thank you for your reply,

I'm hoping that my Dr. has sent off my referral re the vasculitis clinic, I'm already attending Addenbrooks for my GCA. but thats in Rheumatology

I assume I may have a biopsy on the sinus's ? ouch !! as my main symptoms are , Sinus bleeding, crusting of the nose, headaches, [ which are different from my GCA headaches ] tingling in the arms and feet with some numbness, aches and pains, the whites of my eyes are constantly blood shot, I have awful tiredness, and just dont feel well. I also have stage 3 kidney disease which I have had for several years.


As you say good and bad, but good again as your being referred to Addenbrooke's Hospital.


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