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Hi everyone,

Iv posted on here in the past due to various symptoms which i thought could possibly be vasculitis. Months passed and my endo susspected i had PMR and i was started on a trial of steroids for a week. I did not respond to the steroids as i should have so they were stopped. He is now running some more blood tests including one called Anca. I remember reading about this test a while ago and the difficulties of the test being done properly.

If anyone knows about the test ot have had it done could you let me know please.

Thanks Christine

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  • Hi Christine this is a link to the Vasculitis UK website explaining the different blood tests. Hope it helps.

  • Will take a look

    Thanks Christine

  • In the past I've had two or three severe episodes of GPA/WG, and my anca levels were hardly raised at all, making the GPA/WG difficult to diagnose from anca alone. However, most folks do have anca levels that closely match the level of disease activity.

  • How did you get a diagnosis in the end. I think the endo is running the acna test as he does not know what to do next. I am waiting to see a rheumy. I had read on here some time ago that there were problems with the acna test....that sometimes it was not carried out properly which resulted in inaccurate results.

    Thanks Christine

  • A diagnosis of vasculitis is often made by combining symptoms and test results. The doctors also have to eliminate diseases with similar symptoms. I had severe lung disease which turned out to be gpa/wg, but the doctors had to make sure it wasn't something more common like cancer or tb or an infection etc.

  • Maybe things will become a little clearer when i see the rhuemy. No-one is quite sure exactly what my symptoms are due to.


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