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Im new to this site and just wanted to run some strange symptoms by you.

I have Hashimotos so alot of my symptoms maybe down to that. What concerns me is every so often, sometimes once a week or more i start to feel very unwell and the only way i can describe it is to say that my bowels feel like they are paralysed, im not constipated its more of a feeling,a have a dry mouth, nausea and sometimes feel kind of out of it...but the worst thing is the feeling of being very ill. It can last for hours or more that a day and then my bowles loose the paralysed feeling.

Someone mentioned to me that it sounded like my blood supply could be cut off or reduced during this time.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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  • Very interesting....though I don't think that I can make any useful suggestions! But it sounds a bit like my typical 'bad day'. They start with a restless and uncomfortable night, then several early rushes to the loo. The rest of the day is spent feeling thirsty, very tired, food tastes a bit odd, and I have a rumbly and uncomfortable tummy. There is no pattern or warning to them, sometimes every two or three days, sometimes less often. GP has no ideas, but suggested that I keep a food diary - it's not shown anything yet.

  • Do you think it could be caused by blood vessles being inflamed

  • I know definitely for my bowel problems I have noticed taking a magnesium supplement 500mg has helped daily. I have a similar thing and various diagnosis of IBS etc do not help. fennel and peppermint tea do and I noticed that patients with your disease take a selenium supplement so you could look into that good luck !

  • I feel its not the bowel that my problem as such, but something causing bowel struggling to find out whats causing it and when i get these attacks i feel so unwell.

  • Dear Yorshiregirl44,

    I might be trying to teach Grandma to suck eggs but.....Have you been checked out for any allergies? It's just that I know a lady, who hasn't got vasculitis- or anything like it- but is allergic to gluten; her symptoms sound a 'little' like yours. Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree, I probably am, but it could just help, maybe? Perhaps worth checking?

    Please do let me know (even if it is to tell me to...)

    I send you my best wishes, Happy New Year


  • I got a rcent negative result to caeliac but yes i could still have some allergies. I will try and take notice when i am having these episodes. Thanks

  • Hi, I recognise those symptoms, though mine are much less since being treated for PAN - but I also stopped eating wheat entirely, because I had one positive blood test for Coeliacs - no others, and nothing from the endoscopy. However, I feel much better without wheat (less bloated, less often, and fewer bouts of constipation, or "paralysis" which is a good way of describing it). I now have identified that sulphites and sulphates often affect me - cold meats, smoked bacon or fish, wine, unfortunately. Extremely difficult to find wine without sulphites. These cause (for me) visual migraine (this was very marked before medical treatment), tiredness, depression, (not sure whether these might just be the alchohol !) - and I don't drink beer any more :( because of t

  • Sorry what does PAN stand for?

  • Hi, I recognise all those symptoms, though mine are much eased since the medical treatment for PAN in 2011. I had cyclophosphamide and large doses of steroids, and am now on a small daily dose of steroids and methotrexate weekly. I had one positive blood test for coeliacs in 2011, and since then I have stayed off wheat. Barely and rye seem less troublesome, but I am definitely better without wheat. Less bloated, and less prone to constipation, or "paralysis" as you describe it so well. I have also found that sulphates and sulphites, found in preserved cold meats and smoked products like bacon or fish can cause trouble. Sulphites are also in almost all wine, unfortunately, which I am still stable to drink, but in small quantities (one glass, and certainly not every day). Before treatment it gave me bad visual migraine. Beer is out because of the wheat, but even gluten free beer causes bloating, and I think I am maybe more sensitive to alchohol than I was previously. I think the inflammation does make the digestion work less efficiently with various things, and you need to keep that food diary, looking not just at the food, but at the additives too. Hope you find some answers, all best wishes.

  • You may be sensitive to yeast then rather than wheat or both!

  • Interesting you think yeast is the problem - what made you say this? I think you may be right because of other things, but interested to hear what made you think it.

  • Sounds like you may want to start taking "Probiotics" to regulate your bowels. It also will help your stomach with any prescriptions or any other chemicals you put in your system, and will build up your immune system.

  • I have thought of that...i was told of a good one to get but i forgot the name. She told me not to bother with the ones you buy in supermarkets and such because she said they had no effect on the digestive system. I dont now if true or not as iv never tried them.

  • `the natural pharmacy online has great pre and pro biotics and Udos super 8 are very good, and they have specific ones for over 50 years as well.

  • [quote="Daisie4654"]... build up your immune system [/quote]

    The last thing anyone with an autoimmune disease , ( like Hashimoto's ) , should do is attempt to stimulate / "build up" their immune system, as it's the cause of their disease.

  • PAN is Polyarteritis Nodosa, another kind of Vasculitis.

  • Has anyone with churg strauss had there medication program changed from the stock standard cyco and steroids and accessories ? I am in a situation that the syndrome is progressing way to fast , that's the medical side , personally I sooner be dead than the heart attack pains , suffocation episodes and. All the other goodies that go with this horrid complaint . The docs are reading up on an alternative which concerns them due to side affects , I have gone 7 months since diagnosis with no relief just added danger episodes , not feeling sorry for myself but car accidents , bad case of chrohns and other stuff I am just plain worn out ,

  • Dear skipper, please stay strong and take care. I hope things improve for you and life's more bearable for you very soon. Very best wishes.

  • Ditto this kind or suffering is just awful. Lets hope they can control it soonest.

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