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Maybe someone can help

Hi everyone,

On going odd symptoms and been tested for many things..however i feel i am being sent to the wrong kind of specialist.

The purpose of this post is to try and find out if anyone can shed any light on some of the symptoms that i am having..

When i am laid down or asleep i expereince like an explosion in my chest, missed heart beats that go right through m chest area, i feel that this is due to the position i am in, it can also happen if i go from sitting to standing. It feels like there is some pressure on a main vein which is causing the sensation.

Iv had 24 hour heart monitos done and even though the missed heartbeats have been present the cadiologist does not think it directly a heart problem.

Along with this i sometimes expereince weakness in my limbs, often very cold and numb sensations.

It may not be a symptom of vasculitis but its worth a try to find out if anyone can identify with this,


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Missed heartbeats then it thumps back in so you can't fail to notice it?

Trouble is, that can happen with more than one condition but it is part of my vasculitis. Not so much now as I'm on steroids to keep the inflammation down. My husband gets it too - he has a totally different autoimmune disorder - and it tends to hit him if he doesn't warm up properly before going running. I think it's quite common.

Likewise the weakness in limbs can be more than one thing.

Glad you've been tested for lots of things; just make sure they keep going until everything's ruled out!


Thanks, yes i will keep going....what i need is a specialist who will fully listen and who is open to fully investigating.


The numbness and cold 'could' be associated with some form of neuropathy, but as orsen has said, the symptoms are associated with a number of conditions.

so just keep on until a diagnosis is made


Had some bloods taken by neuro a short time ago which im told are negative..they were testing for mysthenia gravis due to weakness,,,this is the second time iv been tested for it......i beleive they are looking in the wrong place.


What type of vasculitis have you been diagnosed with?


I dont have a vasculitis diagnosis John.....its only through my own reading on this topic that some of the symptoms are similar...but like people have said on here they can be symptoms of many other conditions as well.


If you haven't been diagnosed with vasculitis, have you had your heart checked? Too many people have diagnosed themselves, by 'reading something somewhere'. No I'm NOT having a 'go', not al all but, if you haven't already, speak to your doctors/consultants please.

Sorry to 'push' the point so.



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