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Covid jab

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Hello all

It has been a while since I have posted, I wanted to ask you a question that has caused some confusion in our house. Would you or I assume that if you have or been diagnosed a autoimmune disease then you would automatically get referred for a Covid jab?

My husband was offered 3 weeks ago the Covid jab as he is on blood pressure tablets and was classed as an underlying health problem. I have had Cutaneous Vasculitis since 2015 and not been offered the jab. Is this normal or should I be questioning this with my GP or Consultant?


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I have Rheumatoid vasculitis and have been designated as being Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV). As such I was offered the Pfizer vaccine in December with the followup second dose of the vaccine in January. I would contact your GP in regards getting the vaccine. It would help too if you had received a letter from the NHS/Government saying that that you are advised to shield during lockdown.

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lou1972 in reply to Lone-wolf

Thank you for your message. I never had a letter either to shield. It is like I have been forgotten

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juli-pa in reply to lou1972

I was not put on the shielded patients list when I should of been. I had to call the doctor & speak to the practice manager explaining I was CEV although they had received letters from my consultant to say I was. Call your doctor as I think this is happening quite often.

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Loll1pop3 in reply to lou1972

I referred my husband online by completing a form to say he was clinically, extremely vulnerable. He has received numerous letters from NHS, Surgery and more recently the Electoral Services. My husband has had both his vaccinations.

If you weren’t on the extremely vulnerable list you probably should have been on the vulnerable list and so should have been called. You can bookhere

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lou1972 in reply to Mooka

Thanks for the link, but am I personally allowed to make this judgement and book it. I really would have thought my GP would have contacted me. I feel if I go ahead I am in the wrong doing so

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Mooka in reply to lou1972

I don’t think it will let you book if you are not allowed to. If you are on steroids or immune suppressant you are classed as vulnerable. I posted the link as our doctors don’t like to be contacted about the vaccine but I think you have a valid case to check with yours.

If you are taking immunosuppressants then that should have automatically put you on the shielding list.

Dear lou1972,

If I were you, I would call the 'Dedicated Covid Line' 119, they are Very Helpful Indeed. I'm certain that, if you explain your situation, then 'they' Will advise you. Personally I have been, Very impressed, with their Response..... as have my Mother and, two of, my friends.

Give them a call Lou, seemingly Any time day, or evening.


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lou1972 in reply to AndrewT

Thank you Andrew will do that this morning

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