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Jingle Tills

(a parody on Jingle Bells)

You can sing if you want to!

Jingle tills, jingle tills,

Jingle all the day.

Oh, my word, just realised

Its almost Christmas Day!

Oh, how they ring, jingle tills,

Busy every day.

Not long now, nearly here,

Its almost Christmas Day!

Dashing through the shops,

Struggling all the way;

Jostling, bumping,-gosh what crowds,

Its almost Christmas Day!

Jingle tills, jingle tills,

What more can one say?

How about the meaning of

The first real Christmas Day?

2 Replies

Optimist-OK, That is so funny/true and such an indictment on our current society....I just wish I had done my Xmas shopping before the first hint of tinsel dropped!!! Now I cannot face those bustling/shoving/bargain hunting crowds so I am hibernating as I'm sorry I haven't bought any gifts yet!


Not to worry, SheilaGlancy - its the thought that counts, & you have thought! The traffic is quite manic round the Southampton area, in fact it was totally gridlocked on Friday afternoon, I could not get through for my Dr's check-up! Luckily they fitted me in an hour later. Roll on a happy new year.


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