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Rare Disease Day 28th February 2014

Rare Disease Day 28th February 2014: Join Together for Better Care

Rare Disease Day provides the rare disease community across the world with the opportunity to increase awareness of rare diseases and highlight this public health priority to governments and health departments. It is recognised in countries all around the world and in 2014 Rare Disease Day will be held on 28th February (in a leap year it is held on the 29th e.g. a rare day).

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Dear Suzym2u (what a great name!!)

Can You send me, or do you know where I can get, some printed literature about this event. I know that I can print off 'something' but an official letter/poster would look so much more impressive- to any individual, or organisation, I might pass it on to. If you can't send me, such a poster (or similar) do you know who can? Can 'Health Unlocked' or 'Vasculitis UK' do so perhaps. I really would like some 'glossy mags', to bombard people with, on the run-up to the event. Any help you can give or suggest, would be greatly welcomed.

Many thanks, have a great Christmas.



I am sure we can organise something Andrew. I will talk to Dorothy and John and see if they have any ideas. Some people are organising their own small events such as coffee mornings, table top sales etc to raise awareness. Raising awareness in hospitals throughout the UK would be good , everyone could perhaps take leaflets and posters to their own hospital.

Susan :-)


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