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Russ Runs the Stevenage Half Marathon for Vasculitis UK

On 3rd November, Russ Wingfield will proudly wear his Vasculitis UK t-shirt as he takes part in the Stevenage Half Marathon. Russ will be raising awareness of vasculitis and funds for Vasculitis UK because his Dad was diagnosed with Churg Strauss Syndrome earlier this year.

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Hello .. this is Russ's dad, Jon here, with an update and many thanks for your contributions made ...


Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your kind donation to Vasculitis UK, and for supporting my run which I completed on Sunday.

As it stands I have raised £600 which is way beyond what I expected.

The run itself was also a great success, as I beat my pre-race target of 1 hour 40 minutes, by almost a full 2 minutes. Much of this was going a little too quick at the start, naturally running along with other runners. I managed to keep my pace going and, despite a hard last couple of miles, finished strongly.

It felt amazing to cross that line, but won't be running another one for a while. Although I will keep up my 5 runs (of 4 miles or so) a week, and maybe doing a 10k in the spring.

Thanks again for your donation,

Russ "


do you have any photos to share please for the newsletter and the "Rogues Gallery" ( fundraisers)on the website :-)


I've asked Russ to respond to your request .....


Thank you and thank you to Russ too :-)


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