Has anybody had 1gram of Rituximab in 2 doses with an interval of 2 weeks between please?

I was diagnosed with WG over 14 years ago and for the past 3 years I have been receiving Rituximab every 6 months and it's been my ' wonder drug ' but after my last infusion in June it did not improve my fatigue and joint pains. It appears I have developed antibodies.

I have been informed today by Dr Jayne that he wishes to try 2 doses at 2 weeks interval and bloods to be taken immediately before and after the 2nd dose to check if it's worked before he considers Plasmapheresis. Has anyone else experienced antibodies and then had this regime and was it effective please ?


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  • Jill

    I have only been on rituximab since jan but have already had to go 4 monthly due to the infusion treatment not lasting six months. I have heard before of people developing antibodies and have been following this closely due to like you it being my wonder drug where all else has failed to control my WG. I would be interested to see how you get on having two weekly. Am under dr Jayne also so at the same hospital. Neil

  • Thanks Neil. I'm hoping Stella will get back to me by Friday with some dates for the infusions. I will re post and let you know whether 2 infusions close together work. I hope they do.

    Best wishes to you.

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