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VASCULITIS UK WEBSITE - Just an update on some of the facilities available on our website to help you get around - in case you weren't aware of them.

There is a Google custom search - this is located on the Home Page just above "Contact Us" which is on the main green tab bar. In addition there is a Site Map. This is located within the bottom green tab bar under "Site Links" just above the link for "Useful Links" (which are external links to other websites).

You may also have noticed that the News and the Events has been revamped and now there is the facility to put the actual link and e-mail address to click to take you to the site or to send an e-mail, rather than the copying and pasting which had to be done before. There are other improvements which can be used in the News and Events, but all in the fullness of time.

We are currently carrying out some amendments to the site content, and moving articles from their current location to ones which are more appropriate. Some of these can be done "in-house" but some will require the expertise of the web designer.

Did you know, that by clicking on the large moving photos on the Home Page will take you to the page to which the caption refers? So, clicking on Donate will take you to the Donate page, the Route Map photo will take you to the Route Map page and so on.

I'm sure that some of you knew these things, but if you didn't then I hope this helps you to have a better experience when visiting the Vasculitis UK website.