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Northamptonshire Telegraph yesterday 'A group of friends have pulled together to make a bakery recipe book in memory of their friend'

The group produced the book after they were inspired by their friend Debbie Gregson’s love of home baking.

Mrs Gregson died in January, aged 49, after suffering from vasculitis.

The group, who all met through their children being friends, are based in Earls Barton, Great Doddington and Wilby, and have raised close to £6,500 for the charity Vasculitis UK through book sales.

Sam Cunningham, who is one of the members of the group which produced the book, said it was great to have raised so much money for the charity.

She added: “We wanted to do something a bit different to raise money in Debbie’s memory.

“Obviously, people normally do a sponsored walk or something like that.

“But Debbie just loved baking, so we thought it would be nice to do this.

“It was really well received and we’re happy to have raised so much.”

The book includes recipes from Mrs Gregson’s four children, her partner of 30 years, her siblings and her friends, who all submitted messages explaining why each recipe meant so much to them.

It contains recipes for desserts and cakes.

The group got sponsorship to cover the printing costs and a friend who has a printing company put the book together for them.

One thousand copies of the book were printed in June and have since sold out.

Mrs Cunningham, said the books were sold for £5 each but many people happily paid more.

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who do we contact to get a copy of this to show to our friends and family to raise money? thank you


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