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How much is Immune System "suppressed" by Steroids &/or Immuno-suppressants?

What is the comparative degree of "suppression" of an immune system when treated by the following drugs at different dosages and combinations?

1) Mycophenolate (2,000mg)

2) Prednisolone (60mg)

3) Prednisolone (10mg)

4) Prednisolone (60mg) + Mycophenolate (2,000mg)

Neil PerryMy background and medical status:-

Diagnosed with Churg Strauss Syndrome on 22 April, 4.5 months ago, not reached remission yet.


- Prednisolone start at 30 and Mycophenolate at 2,000

- Also on Hydrocortisone 25 for Addison's Disease, equiv to 25/6.5 of Prednisolone = 4

- So TOTAL steroid was (30 + 4) 34

Early last week, got hit Tue night by first infection so far with severe stabbing back chest pain, but no other symptoms. 999 -> A&E.

CRP inflammation marker went up to max of 250mg/L (that is very high!), in hospital for 6 days on IV antibiotics. Drug levels during this episode ....

​1) Initial Medication​

- Pred at 30, Hydrocort 25 and Mycophen at 2,000

- so Total steroid (30 + 4) = 34

​2) Prior to Infection

- Pred at 12, Hydrocort 25 and Mycophen at 2,000

- so Total steroid (12 + 4) = 16

​3) In hospital

- Pred at 20, Hydrocort 50 and Mycophen at Zero

- so Total steroid (20 + 8) = 28

- plus IV antibiotics

​3) At home now

- Pred at 15, Hydrocort 25 and Mycophen at Zero

- so Total steroid (15 + 4) = 19

Current status: ​Awaiting today's CRP test result for decision on when to restart of Mycophenolate.​

Remember the ORIGINAL question:

"What is the comparative degree of "suppression" of an immune system when treated by different drugs at different dosages?"

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Hi sorry to hear of your flare ,but to be quite honest with you when I'm in a flare I don't care less what I'm getting just that it helps I was having a bad flare on steroids the rheumatoid put me on methotrexate which did take Eight weeks to kick in , but honestly I've never felt better and I've had SLE all my life tho diagnosed 22 odd years now unfortunately I've now got osteoporosis Yes I could say it was exacerbated by the steroids , but my age the fact I've never been on HRT are also factors . So how much the methotrexate suppressed my immune system I've no idea I do know that all my life I have lived it well eating a well balanced diet and taking good care of myself , but sometimes we have no choices with the meds we need ie in my case I took temporal arteritis which without the steroids I would have gone blind so all in all I may have now some other issuse ! But against losing my sight I will cope Hope you are well and I did have in mind your original question


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