In 2007 I had complete renal failure, they were kick started but a problem appeared on my left leg. First a huge blister around the ankle

area. This burst in hospital as I was just walking along. Then following that a huge scab appeared almost like a cricket pad. This has now been removed but it does leave a large area of bruise. Whilst in hospital a consultant advised that I was suffering from Vasculitis. I tried for several years the medication prescribed by my GP, however I still have a huge bruise covering 60% of my lower left leg. Can anybody advise anything that will help remove this bruise.

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  • I would like to know more about the history of your Vasculitis hamlet, if you don"t mind emailing me at .

    Best Wishes


  • Hi John, What do you require, what information?

  • You say you took medication for years prescribed by your GP, was this for your Vasculitis?


  • Yes, it was for the removal of the bruise, which could be pigment discolouration.

  • Hi Hamlet,

    Has your GP or consultant recommended that you are seen by Tissue Viability nurses. When I had ulcers on both legs they were the ones who treated them and the associated discolouration subsequently. I am pleased to say that the scarring has vastly improved after one year. Dave

  • Hi Albasain,

    Do you know what they used to clean up the discolouration?

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