Just diagnosed ,getting full works , on drop feet ,put feet in tub of hot water cup of magnesium powder Celtic sea salt Epsom salts every ni

This helps nerves and removes toxics , same as no fruits no sugars or carbs , no dairy no beef enjoy good lamb chicken stews , spelt bread with avocado then stews on top great , also use lots of olive oil to cook in even eggs , no potatoes , this diet stops pressure on kidneys and liver and thus reduces inflammation in the body , can only help

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  • With this disease and I live in Australia ,can we ever get to travel overseas for 8 weeks

    I mean is it possible to get away from docs for that long

  • Hi Skipper,

    I think your consultant/Dr is likley to advise against any overseas travel until your vasculitis has been brought into remission. After that I suppose it is down to the type of vasculitis you have and how well you are generally. My vasculitis has been in remission since Sept 2012. I've just taken a chance and booked a three week trip from UK to NZ. However the sort of risks we can be exposed to has just come to haunt me. I am currently in hospital being treated for viral meningitus, no doubt contacted as a result of my suppressed immune system. Whatever you decide to do make sure you get travel insurance that covers for declared pre existing illnesses.


  • Hope they sort you out mate in time for your holiday,this is all you need.Get well soon.Mick.

  • Thanks Mick,

    That holiday is not until next year so hopefully I'll be OK

  • Thank you for your response I have the Churg strauss , but get well and all the very best , I note your insurance comment , Gee this group of diseases are weird

  • My visits to the consultant are now every 3 months so as time goes on you should be able to fit in an 8 week holiday. The Vasculitis UK website has some names of travel insurers that will cover you if you have vasculitis. It costs a bit more but I think its worth it for peace of mind. As you say it is wierd group of diseases but at least it is now treatable.

  • Hi Chris, I'm travelling to Oz soon for six weeks. The best result for travel insurance was with "All Clear" world wide travel but not USA or s. America or Canada. Check it out . Dave

  • Thanks for the tip Dave, but I have already taken out insurance with Freedom


  • Make sure you do, from personal experience!

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