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Flare treatment

So after just a 6 month break, and a quick walk across Worcestershire in good company it was back to treatment again today. Chemo session 1 (or 13, depending on how you look at it) done and dusted. Still not enjoying the feeling of speeding from 1g of methyl pred mixed with the yack from the 1g of cyclophosphamide. All the worst bits of a roller coaster ride with the excitement removed.

Tired now but relieved that treatment is back on as I scored a hatrick on the dipstick test today, 2+ for blood, protein and leukocytes. Bingo! As a result, another pot o' pee was taken and sent to the lab. Apparently they want to grow something from it... not so sure my houseplants would like that sort of watering.

I hope I manage to get some sleep tonight; though I seem to remember that naughty big doses of Methyl Preds keeps you up all night.

Hope all you folks are keeping well; anyone fancy doing a walk next June ;) 5 miles, 10 miles, 20 miles, 30 miles or 40 miles; you choose...

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Great idea for another walk. It gives you something to aim for when the nasty stuff is done and dusted. Good luck with the treatment. Happy to join you on another trek.


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If you make the walk after the 20th June Susan will join you ... :-) . Good luck with the treatment, keep strong !!

Best Wishes

John and Susan


Saturday 21 June 2014. That's lucky. I'll put her down for the full 40 miles then :)


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