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Heart bypass surgery with WG

My husband has WG, diagnosed June time last year but some years before has had Varicose veins removed and problems with arteries in his legs.

He is now going to have to undergo a triple bypass due to the arteries in his heart being furred up. This is now a fairly routine operation but I just wondered if anyone else had had any experience of this whilst having WG? They are prescribing their own medicines for him but we have insisted that he continues his prednisone on the reducing plan his specialist has given him.

Hey ho, it never rains but it pours!! Things can only get better.

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No knowledge of this Nadine, but presumably if he is on a reducing regime, the WG is well controlled. The WG itself may have contributed to his heart condition. I would have thought this was a clear case for a team approach, with the cardiac guys working in close cooperation with his vasculitis consultant.

I would think it should not be a problem if he is taking immune suppressing drugs as maintenance for his WG. Some of them, like Mycophenelate (Cellsept) were originally used for transplant surgery.


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