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I have a very dear friend who is very poorly in hospital with necrossa pancreaitis. I am a WG patient in remission, on 10mg prednisolone and azathioprine, so immunosuppressed. My dilemma is do I go to hsp to visit my very close friend (she isn't alone, she has family ) and therefore put myself at risk or do I stay away, but may regret it :((

Please can anybody advise me on this. Thanks

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I would ask myself is - what would be the greater regret - not visiting and something happens to the friend, or visit and something happens to me?

What is her prognosis, will she go home and would it be better to wait and visit her there?

And also if you decide to stay away would your friend understand or would it ruin a good friendship? Can you phone her? Would she appreciate a newsy letter? There are ways of showing we care without visiting.

Personally I am a person who always puts others before myself, something I am often criticised for by my GP although he understands that it is my nature, but I would hesitate before I acted, I had to take my youngest to the doctor's surgery today and took antibacterial hand spray with me, signed him in using my own pen and sprayed my hands after touching the debit card machine buttons and any door handles, I avoid using the toilets their too and try to sit away from other patients.

I must seem paranoid to other patients but wherever we go there are unseen risks I try to minimise those risks as best I can.


Thnx for your reply. I think I have decided not too go the hsp for now. This is a very good friend and I know she will understand completely my reason for not going, after all she knows how ill i have been and what risk i would be under. My hubby is going tomorrow , and I am speaking to my friends hubby everyday for an update. To be honest, she is so ill at the moment and drugged up on pain relief I don't suppose she knows who is there.


Hospitals are full of bugs. How much resistance do you have left and could you shake off anything you might pick up? Maybe ask to speak to her on the ward via phone, if you ask to speak to her ward sister they could advise on best time to phone, then you ring and they take phone to her. Works OK at Plymouth general hospital (Derriford).



Hi, do what feels right for you, just to add to this I was diagnosed as. MPA in middle of January this year, going through cyclo and pred et al. I work as a nurse at Addenbrookes not admittedly on the wards but in a speciality I do do patient clinics. Take the necessary precautions but life carries on in all it's formats.


I have had MPA for7 years

If you are on so called remission, then one would presume that the dose of immune suppressant will be low, then the risk should be lower

The one place you will be most at risk, will be the hospital entrance when you go for your own check-up, or when you visit your Dr`s surgery

I don't give it a thought. I go to the cinema and all the normal things.

My Anca has never been under 50, I don't take any silly risks, but my thought is, if I live life to the full I wont have any regrets

If you know there is a risk of infection at the ward you want to visit then don't go, otherwise have a good visit

Have a long any happy life, and don't get furrows on your brow from worry.



I take predisolone (changing doses but around 10mg), 2g of mycophenolate and 400mg of hydroxichloroquine per day. Its right to be cautious and in my early days I was really nervous of attending even my hospital appointments as it was re inforced to me the risk of infection and asked anyone around me to avoid coming to my home if they were under the weather.

However I did return to my job last year of working in a hospital and every day have patient contact, I never thought I would be able to with the risk of infection and did think of leaving for that reason but have to say I don't seem to pick up anything more than any one else there, I am sensible about hand washing and use alcohol gel, eat really well and take plenty of vit C but where as I think yes we should be cautious life has to go on too.



Dear fillyhome,

I can't add much, to what has been said above, and yes I think you have made the right decision. After I was first diagnosed, and was under UCH (London), I had to return for out-patent treatments- some taking all day- but was told not to stay in the hospital more than I had to. I got to know The Reagent's Park quite well.

I know that this IS a bit ironic but stay well,

Take care



Thanks everyone for your messages. I am a great believer in life goes on, and I am a lot better at the moment so I have decided to go to the hospital to visit my friend. As Tony says, I put myself at risk when I go for my own hospital apts, and I really need to see my friend.


I have wg and am in drug induced remission have to attend clinics regularly and work in a 7 floor air conditioned office. I probably have less time off than the average fit person. my rheum clinic is at the front of the ward. When first diagnosed was ultra cautious. But go fishing on the broads yearly and have a cat and dog. We can end up just existing as the bad days and side effects of the illness are limiting enough. Hope your friend soon recovers.


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