Faith in local media restored

After my slight rant back in May about our local papers not running my submitted article on the Worcestershire Way for Vasculitis awareness month, I am pleased to report they came good in the end, even if it was a bit late. I got an e-mail from the editor today apologising for the delay. The article, complete with photo is on the on-line version of the Bromsgrove Standard (see link):

It has also been put forward for Friday’s paper. Eagle eyed Martyn aka Wellsie had already spotted it before I picked up the e-mail. Thanks for the advice about persevering; I think it did pay off in the end. All I need to do now is walk the walk. GULP!


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  • Brilliant Chris.. really great article and photo too.


  • Well done Chris; great article and a lovely picture of you both as well. I'm glad you stuck with it... a motto for Saturday.

    Now all we need is another photo at the finishing line for the follow up artcles in the National Press (who I am going to tray and contact tomorrow...)

  • Well done Chris. Persistence paid off! Good luck for Saturday

  • Dear Chris,

    Brilliant news, good luck with the walk.

    Best wishes


  • Dear Chris

    Your fame will live forever - well, for a long time. and scroll down to the end.


  • Thanks Pat,

    I had better take along an autographing pen in my rucksack


  • That's a great article Chris good for you. I'm in complete awe that you can manage that walk- couldn't even do that when I was fighting fit!

  • Thanks Katie

    I wasn't sure I could manage it until the day but as turned out we all came up trumps. I'm still feeling exhausted, even after nine hours solid sleep.

    The article also resulted in a donation from another vasculitis suffer living locally.


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