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This is Ruth. Ruth has sadly, just lost her battle with Behcets Disease

This you tube video was made back in November. Ruth very sadly, has lost her battle with Behcets Disease just this last week. Behcets Disease is one of the most difficult types of Vasculitis to treat.

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Oh no, this is so sad. Just watched the youtube, feel very moved, feel very sorry for her family. Just shows you why websites like this to help raise awareness, are so important.



Just watched Ruth's video.

it is so sad to hear she has died.

I feel for her family.



I just watched the video. It made me really sad knowing that someone so brave and vibrant has passed on. She deserved better treatment from other people. Now we need to care for those others who are suffering the invisible diseases, like my daughter....I love her so much, but I can't do anything for her except to be there. I want the world for her but I feel powerless. I guess Ruth's Mum felt the same.


May god save her soul. Such a young beautiful girl! And losing her so early.

And it's true. Vasculitis is an invisible illness....may look well on the outside. But inside and coping mechanisms is a. Different story.

My condolences to her family.


Dear John,

I really don't know what to say, so terribly, terribly sad, such a young life. I'm just glad that she got some recognition, of her illness before she died. I also hope that those who teased/ ignored her have learned a valuable lesson. I don't think she would want them to feel guilty just to be more understanding, of other peoples problems.

If this is the poor girl epitaph then maybe some good will come from her death- I pray this is so.

My prayer are with her family



if anyone would like to make a small donation in memory of Ruth, there is a just giving page just been opened. Ruth was a volunteer for the national children's contact centre in Derby. Ruth assisted children, with serious illnesses, and their parents work through fear, grief, and a myriad of other emotions. Ruth's funeral is on the 28th June in Belper.


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