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Does anyone else get these symptoms?

I have RV.


Forearms get hot and muscles become hard. Then flushing starts from elbows to hands. This lasts from about half hour to one hour. The feeling then subsides but I am left with red subcutaneous spots which disappear after a few days. Occasionally I am left with a haematoma which I suspect is a burst blood vessel and on one occasion my arm bled for no apparent reason except for as stated above.

Just curious but will raise issue with consultant when I next see them.

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Saw a Rheumatologist consultant today re. Does anyone else get these symptoms? It seems that the culprit was long term usage of Prednisolone which can cause the capillaries to leak, generally just under the skin. That it happens in just my forearms is perplexing, there is no other occurrence elsewhere on my body.

Bloods, urine, ECG were all good but BP was still high at 173/97 which is moderate stage 2 hypertension and which is also indicative of the prednisolone effect also. Hopefully with the current programme in reducing the amount ( currently on 9mg XD) the problem will go away.


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