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Trooping the Colour

Many people will be in London today to watch the Trooping the Colours. This is a tradition that goes back to when regimental flags where the rally points for infantry soldier during a battle.

However what these crowds will miss is the showing of the colours which will happen this time next week. This is when a green pixie and a big yellow banana and lots of other brightly dress people will be doing the Thames Riverside Walk in aid of Vasculitis UK.

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Fingers, toes, legs and everything crossed for fine weather and no rain please. See you all there :-)


I will be contacting all those that are taking part by Monday to let you have some important information.

We may not have the Queen, a Kate, a William, a fly past or beautiful horses but we will have yellow balloons, green hats, various colours of Vasculitis T-shirts and that big yellow banana :-D


Just a pity they wasted all that money on a wee party for the Queen. Think what that cost how many Millions. And what it could have been spent on . Sitting in her fancy place when the country is falling apart . Benefit cuts .homeless. Hospital cuts . N.H.S.cuts . School cuts to name a few . So she may be having a good time spending our money .i personally think that this is shocking . Money down the drain .


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