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Surprise news

Attended my regular EMG and NVC tests in neuro today. I got told my left sural nerve is as good as dead, which came as a bit of a surprise and disappointment; this now brings my limb count effected to 4.

At the moment the damage is parathesia but there is also a slight decrease in motor signal too. To be honest it came as a bit of a surprise; I've become almost complacent to what this does to you... Which might also explain the numb patch spreading around the back of my neck too.

Now have to wait for neurophysiology doc to talk to neuro consultant, although I am in with my rheumy consultant next Tuesday so will mention it then. Chemo did a good job for my hands but I really don't want to return to that, so now feeling a bit nervous...

Going to make the walk more interesting :)

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Sorry to hear the bad news Martyn. Having looked back at your previous blog it was your right leg affected by then tendonitis and now your left leg has problems. I did need to look up the medical terminology to understand the nature of the problem. It appears to be the nerve running into the ankle. Hopefully the other vital signs (bloods etc) are OK. I can’t imagine they would go back to chemo if everything else was OK. Let’s hope the neurophysiology doc and the neuro consultant get their heads together soon and come up with some answers. Tell them you have some urgent walking business to attend to. I’ll bet if it was Wayne Rooney’s left foot they would have some answers soon enough.



Thanks Chris; we'll be fine for the walk still; just makes me more stubborn and determined to do it.


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