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Understanding Clinical Trials
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MBC Looking for a more Natural approach to Treatment

Hi I'm Heather!

I've recently started using Tumeric supplements. My lymphodema in my arm and red moles on my right arm have shown significant improvement in just 2 weeks. Also my dense breast tissue has gone away since using Tumeric. It came back after chemo which I ended in November.

I ordered the Magi Complex which I'm supposed to get within the next 2 weeks. So I was wondering if anyone else was using a more natural approach to treat MBC. Or if there was a clinical trial for it...


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I have suggestions---but I am not a Doctor--but practice nutritional healing. If you want send me an email--lets see if I can help off site.



My email is rhwright@sbcglobal.net...would love to hear suggestions u may have...



Hi Heather. I also take Tumeric supplements and notice that they help with various side effects. I hope your lymphodema continues to improve. I had a touch of it several years ago, but was lucky enough to catch it early and did physical therapy and now it is gone. Of course, I have read that it can come back at any time, so I am careful with certain things.

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