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My name is Judith Lewis (Jude). I am 40 yrs. old and at the age of 16 a physical therapist informed me my knees are deteriorating, age 18 I had to have my appendix removed, age 23 started having very bad back pains that continues to this day, age 27 I got endometriosis therefore cause me to have a complete hysterectomy and at age 33 I was hospitalized with acute pancreatitis and a stomach that does not digest very well. During an MRI the doctor informed me that I have vertebrates along my spine that are bulging which are pinching my sciatica that shoots pain down both of my legs to my feet and some that are 2 millimeters away from my spine pinching my nerves going down my arms to my fingers causing a lot of pain and inflammation I was but on disability for my issue's. Threw it all I was told I was to young to be having all these problems. This causes problems for me because the doctors either tell my they don't know what to do or they say I'm to young and refuse to do anything. Information that would help me find a doctor or study for these problems would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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  • Jude-76

    Sorry to hear yyour story. But any problem must be addressed in the best possible way. If a vertebra is impinging upon sciatic nerve treatment should be taken or the muscle supplied by that nerve and nerve itself will undergo atrophy. An irreversible change.

  • I have talked to several doctors about this, none want to do the surgery. 1) not bad enough or 2) to young. But then I have done that don't do surgery themselves and refer me to one that does and that's when everything reason starts over again. I need a clinic trial for several issue's. I hope I can find one.

  • Sorry Jude to hear you have had and are having so many struggles with health issues.

    Am I right in assuming you are in the USA? It seems rediculous to me to be told by the medics that you are 'too young to be having these problems.' Fact you are young and you are having these problems. Sounds like they are scratching their heads and you are being fobbed off. Unfortunately, as it so often is, you will have to be your own advocate. Use the web to find out who is the best consultant to deal with each issue. Agree with suramo these problems must be addressed.

    Good luck and let us know bow you get on.


  • cofdrop-UK Thanks.

    There may be two reasons.

    1) Surgery may not be inevitable

    2) High risk surgery.

    3) monetary aspect can be

  • Agree suramo re surgery but jude mentions multiple health issues and doesn't seem to be receiving much by way of appropriate treatment.

    Sorry jude I really don't know of any trials relating to any of the issues you mention. Good luck though.


  • Thank You, it looks like I'm going to need it.

  • Hello Jude-76 thank you for sharing, if you're interested in participating in a clinical trial our staff here at CISCRP can help you find trials that are relevant to your needs. Click here to submit your information:

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