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Shingles after transplant?


Anyone suffer from shingles after having your transplant? I’m 2 years post and just came down with it. Concerned about how it may affect my kidney; waiting for the team to get back to me.


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Hi Dotti,

I had really bad shingles approximately 20 years into my TX. I contacted my renal clinic and told them of all the medication that my GP had provided.

After it cleared, I went to get my bloods checked.

I was told to use Calamine lotion and apple cider vinegar to dry them out. Most important to wear loose clothing, not to irritate the skin more.

I hope you get well quickly, keep an eye on them and if really painful, ask your GP and hospital what pain killers they recommend as some may interact with your immunosuppressants.


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Thank you so much! This is definitely a help!

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