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Kidney or pancreas kidney - ??????????


Ive just been made aware of this site (thankyou)

I am a type 1 diabetic diagnosed 38 yrs ago. The combination of time and mismanagement in my youth has left me with a variety of problems. The most serious being renal impairment - I am not yet on dialysis but Im guessing its not to far away

My mind is in turmoil at the moment as Ive just returned from my assessment for a pancreas and kidney transplant after being refferred from a renal surgeon as a possible candidate.

In this assessment I was told I had different options open to me

A single (kidney) transplant with good diabetic control post op (insulin pump)

A kidney transplant plus an islet transplant

A pancreas and kidney transplant

This has caused me quite a headache as I was expecting a yes or no to the question of double transplant.

Ive been told there are possibly people on here with experiences of the different options and would appreciate some input please

Thanks Mark