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How long does it take?

Hi, last year April I was told I needed a kidney transplant, I have completed my tests and joined he list in November at the same time my mother in law began being tested to see if she could donate, she has had all her tests and has passed them all, we have been waiting 6 weeks for the last test result. (It was ment to be 4 weeks) I am based in Manchester and she she in Kent but goes to Guys in London, all her tests have been done there. She turns up for an appointment at guys, her nurse hasn't chased her results they don't always know or why she has just seems a mess, my nurses\docs are great but she is having such a bad experience trying to donate. Are Guys dragging their feet because I'm not their patient and op is being done in Manchester?

she hasn't even been referred to my surgeon\hosptial. Is the normal? I would really like to hear from people who have been through this


Gee x

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Hi Gee

My husband had a transplant 2 years ago, his mother donated a kidney. I totally empathise with how you are feeling, for us the wait at times felt endless and so difficult to understand. We also had the issue of living in different parts of the country. You will get there, I promise, try and keep steady. If you have the energy - or have a friend or family member who can do it for you - I would keep in regular contact with the Living Donor Team (I was ringing them every few days, just to keep in the loop). It is a huge emotional journey but when I look at my husband now, and see him back at work, playing with our kids, I am so grateful. And the stress of the waiting period has faded.

I wish you all the very best and to your mother-in-law. It's really positive that all the tests are done and hopefully you are nearly there!

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Hi Alison for your reply, it comforting to hear that I'm not along, I see my consultant tomorrow so hopefully we will have some good news.

Thanks again



I have just read your post and am hoping that your transplant has now been done. I am the potential donor and I too am frustrated at not really being kept in the loop so to speak. My last lot of tests ct and x ray, were done about 4 weeks back but nobody has been in touch to say if all is ok or not. The recipient has his last lot of tests done this week and he is also frustrated at how long it takes before I am told any results. Is this the way things usually happen, slowly and being kept waiting for results all the time?



Unfortunately I didn't get my kidney, my mother in law had 8 months of testing only to be told at the last hurdle she couldn't donate. I always said if it was meant to be it will be.

But there are a number of factors that will affect the time it takes, I've heard of cases were it has only taken 3-6 months.

The waiting is not easy....

Hang on in you will get there.

Good luck

G x


Hi G thanks you for the reply. I sincerely hope you get a kidney donation very soon. I also worry that at the last hurdle, things can turn out not quite how we would like it to be



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