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Routine lab draws and risk of coronavirus



How is everyone doing their routine blood draws these days? I'm a kidney and pancreas transplant patient and I'm afraid of going to my local lab which is highly populated and would put me at a risk of COVID-19 infection.

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Hi, I can't say what it will be like for other areas, but I've just returned from my monthly blood test at St. James, Leeds.

Firstly, if you have other conditions, try to get all bloods from various departments added to the one you were initially going to.

My transplant nurse advised me that only very recent transplant recipients were coming in for clinic visits, the rest are via phone call. She said it should be extremely quiet at clinic and blood room (they're next to each other) so ideally, send my wife in to double check it's quiet then if the "coast is clear" come for bloods and immediately leave.

There was nobody waiting before me, or after me. The corridors were quieter than usual, but still quite busy (almost all were medical staff).

So long as you can have phone appointments and your hospital is similar, I believe there would be more risk in me not having my bloods taken. Just make sure you don't touch anything and if you do, wash you hands asap!

You and me are classed as very high risk and are on total lockdown. Speak to your consultant. They might come to you

Hi I’ve been thinking exact same thing I had my transplant 7 months ago and I really don’t wana risk it I’m going to call them as I don’t want to leave my house really anxious at the moment.

My transplant follow-up clinic insists that I have monthly lab tests to determine if my red blood cell count is in the right range, but in 15 years of testing it has never been out of range. Rather than sit in the lab and wait among the coughing patients for a half hour for a test a don't really need, I prefer to keep myself safe.

My lab has created a separate entrance for those patients who need constant blood monitoring.

Hey, try to speak to your transplant team and get advise :)

I went to my lab clinic last week but to a different one than I normally go to- to avoid small space and the crowd. I implemented extra caution and planned everything while praying for safety.

I wore a cap, glasses, n95 mask, gloves, sun-protecting garment with a rain coat. Under I wore snow pants. I made sure not to touch my face during the whole process. I also took spare clothes to change after I was done with labs. Then got a disinfectant and wiped down my cellphone and glasses. Used hand sanitizers constantly. Threw everything else in the bag and havent touched it since. Leaving it be for the germs to die off if any :) wish you best!!

I'm luckier than most I guess , I'm a nurse and take my own. Is there a nurse in the family who could wear PPE and come to you.

I'm post transplant by 5yrs and only have them done every 3mths now.

I hate being so needed but having to self isolate for 12 wks. 😒

Keep safe

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