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I’ve had a week now without Aripiprazole and my tics have been coming back one by one, the one that’s bothering me the most at the moment is the tic where I thump my thigh quite hard. As a result of this I’m rather bruised, the bruise is about 10cm x 20cm and looks like a swirling mass of many colours. My HRT therapist’s advice was to sit on my hands but after my tour around my village to the library, the chemist and then the post office my leg had taken a bit a of a pummelling en-route and needed a bit of TLC and an icepack when I got home. I’ve also started again to hit myself across the forehead ( DUH!) which when combined with the leg thumping tic and clapping makes quite simple yet essential task like doing the washing up difficult and messy (I’m feeling a tad damp) in addition to this I have a new tic which involves making my hands into claw shapes so you just imagine me walking to the village shop now can’t you? Squeak, thump! F%^&! OFF! Squeak, whistle, CLAP! Thump, claw hands, SLAP! Oh dear.

I’ve been trying my best to calm myself down using the relaxation CD that my HRT therapist gave me, using some aromatherapy oils in my oil burner, mainly lavender with a bit of basil. The arnica gel that was suggested to me on the forum has been working a treat and I just so cooling and calming for my sore, battered leg. I was also wondering if there are any vitamins or minerals that may be helpful too?

Now I’m off to tackle the ironing!

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Don't thump yopur leg with that bloody iron!

I'm sure I repled to this post before - maybe just some deja vu going on

I'm always banging into things, always have and probably alway will so normally covered in mysterious bruises

Not been too bad of late so maybe the Respiridone is helping with that too

Will all them lotion and potions and stuff you must be the most chilled out person eveh!

Now all you need is to get a bf that actually appreciates you and doesn't give you a hard time because of your TS

Or does saying that make me a bad person - ah well, hey-ho

No, not at all, my family say the same.

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