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Which Geneva Diagnostics adrenal test should I do?

What would members recommend? These tests aren't cheap.

Looking here gdx.net/uk/kitordering

There's the "adrenal stress profile" at £75

"adrenal thyroid profile" at £146

"complete hormones (24H)" £432

"complete hormones (FMV)" £432 ... what's the difference between 24H an FMV? Does it include every aspect thyroid and adrenal function that I need to know? Is it worth it?

"comprehensive adrenal stress profile" £97

"DHEA saliva" £47

Ideally I'd like to know the full story behind my health so I'd be willing to fork out if need be..but if I can get away with knowing only the most important details, the NHS could then pay for any other care/tests needed.

What blood tests have you done and why did you choose them?

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Also available here (bit cheaper and a donation to TUK) mention TUK for results directly to you. thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

seems like folks order the saliva test, but it depends on your GP if they take notice (as a lot don't take notice/don't know of adrenal issues anyway unless it's obvious/severe like Addisons).

I'm sorry the only private test I've had is Vitamin D (city assays £25) as my GP wouldn't do it, I was low, supplemented and my joint pain/muscle ache has virtually gone (still weak & cold 'tho HypoT untreated - GP said CFS instead). Jane :D


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