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Can I increase my T3?

Hi, would like to pick brains please. I was on 175 Levo and a couple of weeks ago, I saw a consultant and after a battle, I was changed to 100 Levo with 10mcg T3. I,m not noticing any particular difference as yet except the sheer frustration of trying to cut the tiniest ever tablet in half with stiff painful fingers. Do you think I could increase the T3 to 20mcg with no problems? I have my next bloods at end of May and next appointment with consultant on 4th June.

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If you were on 175 micrograms of levothyroxine, then 100 + 10 T3 represents a potentially significant reduction. (Using the very unreliable guess of 4:1, you might now be on the equivalent of 140 micrograms of levothyroxine. That is, a reduction of 35 micrograms.)

But if you were to increase, you would have to confess. And you are likely to run out, are you not?

Have you got a pill splitter? Still not easy, but it sounds like you maybe don't have one. Many people find they help. It might be understandable, but doubling a dose on that basis ALONE seems not the bets idea.



Oh I would confess, I,m just frustrated at the long wait till the next appointment. I have a pill splitter and I do use it but that just involves having to size up the crumbles lol. Suppose I,m just wanting to speed things up really. Am absolutely streaming with a cold at the moment and just wanting to feel better about something :) I realise you're probably right and should wait for my next appointment.


I take my T3 and NDT all in one go and am fine.


Hello - just posting to say I too am taking 100 of Thyroxine and 10 of T3

I noticed straight away when the T3 kicked in , I'm feeling near enough normal. Yes its difficult to split a 20 mcg of T3 even with a Boots pill cutter. Even with the cutter as the pills are so small they break. Gp has said tough 5mcgs are so expensive and will not fund . I saw my endo last week , and I showed her my crumbs - I don't really know what dose of T3 I'm taking due to it crumbling. She wanted to increase my thyroxine again and leave the T3 at 10, but I managed to persuade her to up my T3 to the 20mcgs daily - half am/pm.

I have been Hypo since 1998 and this is the best I've felt -


That's great, I,m really pleased for you :)

I,m hoping that's all it's go to take for me too. :)


I wouldnt increase your t3 based on priblems with cutting it although I have to say I dont have any problems breaking these pills in halt along the acore line. If you did increase I would increase from 10mcg to 20 straight away I personally would increasw by a quarter which rather takes you back to the same problem. x


That should read wouldnt increase from 10 to 20 mcg:-))!


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