Struggling with multi-dosing

I am on 150mcg of Levo and am trying to add 1.5 grains of Armour. One grain taken in the morning was no problem but I was under the impression that Armour was like Levo in that it had to be taken away from food and was finding it difficult. Today I found a section in STTM which says that NDTs can be taken with food, unlike Levo, and the best way is either sublingually or by crunching it up. Is this how others take it or do you leave a gap?

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yes you can do it like that, will make life so much easier :) I used to take NDT like that.

I take my second dose of Armour about 20 mins before lunch but sometimes with lunch and it doesn't seem to make much difference either way but I always crunch it up and have got used to the yucky taste!

I take my NDT sublingually, but then I did with my T4 and T3 hormone too. I eat whenever I want with it and I'm dosing 4 times a day. The only thing I take that I keep away from it is Iron, and there is much controversy over whether it can be taking 1 hour after (sublingually) or 4 etc so I take it at night to avoid any issues.

Can I just ask, why are you adding NDT to Levo? You can come off the Levo one day, and go straight over to NDT the next day.

I take mine all in one dose and am fine.

Many thanks to all those who answered. I am adding Armour to T4 on the instructions of Dr S but am beginning to feel very hot, with aching arms and legs which is how I was was hyper 20+ years ago. He is very much against me reducing the T4. First we added 40mcg of T3 to the 150 Levo which made me very jittery and now I am trying to get up to one and a half grains of Armour. On 150mcg of T4 I am more alert mentally but have lots of joint pain. I am tempted to reduce the Levo rather than the Armour as the current combination is not working after 3 months.

I tried taking all the Armour at once but it felt too close to my bedtime T4 and I was a bit wired. Maybe I could move it to later in the day now I know that food is not a proble.

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