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can any body help on my hypo or tia dilemma

hi this is my first question on site,i had a total thyroidectomy for graves and been on levo , was on 150 and within 3 months they have lowered my dose to 75 ,they said my tsh level was off the board 0.00 but i was ok till then and have now gone down hill with all the symptoms of being hypo ,and now they have told me that the symtoms are of a tia ,as i cannot be hypo as bloods ok ,i look like a person who is hypo and now they have given me a load of tabs to take ,i feel that if they cannot keep the lev controlled what hope have i got on all these other pills they will just put the blame on the new pills making me ill. any advise would be great thanks

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What exactly were your symptoms that lead them to believe it is a TIA? I have had something similar and that was when it was discovered I had hypothyroidism.


slurred speech which comes and goes , also had no speech which lasted a minute or two ,weakness in my hand ,but i think this is carpel tunnel syndrome and memory problems when say sentances


if that is a tia, 90% of us have had a few. Was it when you were tired, wired or under a lot of stress?


i think they got it wrong ,but they say im wrong and they want to put me on a load of tabs for the tia , and yes probably all of them



I was 'diagnosed' with a tia last year based on numbness and tingling in my arm and hand that didn't follow a specific nerve pattern. I am currently waiting for a letter from the consultant which will reverse the original diagnosis.

Key points in my argument (supported and advised by one of the lovely GPs at my surgery) were based on the transient nature of my problem, or rather the fact that it wasn't transient. Symptoms of a tia should resolve completely in minutes or at a max within 2 hours, otherwise there would be stroke signs on a CT or MRI scan. I have a paper on this somewhere, i will try to find it and send you a link. Similar to my argument, if you still have weakness in your hand/carpal tunnel symptoms then these cannot by medical definition be related to a tia and if there is no physical damage noted by CT or MRI then it cannot be stroke related. Of course, the speech part is more difficult to handle, but if you can refute the hand weakness issue then the diagnosis is much weaker.

I am new here, but I am sure that if you post your most recent results that someone will help you to put together a case for increasing your thyroid meds, at the very least they should be increased to see if your symptoms improve.

Of course, if you think that there is any possibility of the episodes being a tia, then please do take the advice of the drs. I only fought my diagnosis as my arm issues continued, in fact it is still bothering me and another GP forgot to write my referral to a specialist physio, but that is a whole different story.

Take care.

L x


hi parksie7 thank you for your reply ,your have given me some really good points to discuss with consultant ,things that i had not thought of,i think i new myself that it was just that i was abit more hypo than usual , but just wanted someone else to agree that its a hypo problem.Have you thought that maybe your hand is carpel tunnel syndrome ,you can have it in your feet as well ,i hope you get your appointment soon,and all goes well for you .And thanks for your advice xx


The carpe tunnell effect is thyroid, underactive based. It can be RSI also so it iw worth having in throughly investigated. Its just not limited to say the writst it can be systemic, whole, parital one sided. Ankle flex issue is a known thyroid pin point sympton.

I'm full on widespread systemic now and with failing muscles, tendons, joints, bones etc.. Im physically twisitng and one side has dropped that is how bad this can go when ignored. My physio has me for life, or I se a physio for life and its for whole of me.

Physio can help but please please please ask to be treated on the whole and for an indefinate amount of time that your Physio chooses. They will assess and treat accordingly.

Also ask for a nerve conduction test. It HURTS! but worth it as is getting a spinal/neck/bone xray. Spurs can grow that crimp the nerves and cause, carpel, tennis, achilles, etc.

Warning Drs get sneaky and can say to physios treat wrist only and they will only do that. Which is perfectly fine if it is just the wrist. But if its your neck that is the real problem, working on your wrist wont do much.

Ultrasound of your neck on the cartoid and aorta veins and arteries is worth asking for, sound test on it too. It can hi-light any issues.

My cartoids and vertebal arteries are restricted due to the spurs on the vertebra pinching them and also my swollen bumpy thyroid and all enlarged reactive lymph glands are pushing on it too.


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