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Has anyone had fertility problems attributable to adrenal fatigue, and overcome them to have a baby?

I've had 5 unsuccessful ivf attempts, and for the last six months have been taking levothyroxine on the understanding that hypothyroidism may be a contributing factor to my infertility. My symptoms haven't improved and I now think that I may have adrenal fatigue. I wondered if anyone else here had struggled with fertility and adrenal fatigue, successfully treated this and managed to have a baby? Think I could do with some inspiring stories as I'm feeling a bit hopeless, and have another ivf cycle looming.

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It would be adviseable to get your vitamin B12 levels checked also Vit d .goes hand in hand with thyroid disease.

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Sorry, should have said that I'm also taking lots of supplements including B complex and vit D, and have had levels of everything checked. Just had 24 hour saliva cortisol test done and have low cortisol which is why I now think my adrenals are the problem and not just thyroid.

I'm just hoping that someone else has been in my position and has gone on to have a baby. I'm 40 in a couple of months so time is slipping away from me.


Sorry to hear of your fertility problems. I hope you have success this time. I have several friends who ended up having babies following fertility problems but as far as I know they didn't have adrenal problems. All of them were prayed for by Christian friends.


Hi, I too have had fertility problems in the past but this was down to my hypothyroidism not being properly controlled. My GP was not prescribing me enough Levothyroxine and as a result my TSH was too high. In order to conceive, your TSH must be below 2.0. I found this out from a private endocrinologist as well as having an NHS endocrinologist confirm this as well. This was after a year of being undermedicated by my GP. At the time, I was still feeling so unwell that I was also tested for adrenal fatigue but my results showed my adrenals were fine. As soon as I won the fight with my GP for the NHS endocrinologist referral and also went private (as well as researching online) I found out I needed to reduce my TSH and increased my Lexothyroxine accordingly (from 50mcg to 100mcg) to do so. I was also taking all the right supplements, Vit D, B12, Selenium etc so those levels were fine. As soon as my TSH got down to below 2.0 and after 18 months of trying I fell pregnant (I was 36 at the time and my husband was 40). It also coincided with me feeling well again, 18 months after being diagnosed with Hashimotos, luckily, I respond well to Levothyroxine. Both myself and my partner had also went through all the fertility testing prior to this and there were no other underlying fertility issues found. So my one piece of advice would be to check your TSH level. I don't know if this will help you but I hope it does. I have also since went on to become pregnant again (on our first attempt) and am currently 27 weeks along.

I also read Mary Shomon's Thyroid Guide to Fertility, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Success which I found helpful:

I understand the pain of trying to conceive and really do wish you well..


Hi Rosa21

My lovely colleague - well ex colleague (she went off on her Second maternity leave and never returned), experienced something similar.

She had three unsuccessful ivf attempts. Prior to that she'd had two late miscarriages and one stillborn before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

You'll be thrilled to hear that she's since had two beautiful daughters literally back to back as her first was still a toddler when her second arrived. I have a lovely picture of her with her two lovelies on my mantle and would post it if not for the issues around confidentiality.

I wish you all the best with everything going forward. Try not to tire yourself out too much - my colleague had all her family and friends running around supporting her as well - it can get pretty hectic with two under fives.

You have already been blessed once so Stay Strong and Stay Positive.

Hope this helps.


I was only diagnosed with hypothyroidism 2 years ago and it is now managed with 75mg. I'm 34 and it took 9 months for me to conceive, but I am now 18 weeks pregnant. They have increased my dosage but I have had an awful lot of illness since getting pregnant. Colds, fatigue, weakness and feel generally drained. So it may take time but be prepared if you have a weak immune system like me.


Hi I have just been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and low cortisol. I am also trying to conceive and I am almost 40, so it is a worry. Just replying to see if you ended up getting tested and where did you go from there? :)


Storm, this is an old thread so you may get more responses if you post a new question. Include your recent thyroid results as TSH should be in the low normal range 0.4-2.0 for women trying to conceive and throughout the pregnancy.


Oops sorry rosa just read one if your messages further down and you have already been tested :) Therefore what treatments have u had and any luck yet?


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