ThyroidUK Symptoms List; colour code - how I use it!

ThyroidUK Symptoms List; colour code - how I use it!

I've written about this before - so apologies for doubling up, but I wanted to add a photo. The photo shows a comparison of one of the pages for March and October 2012...

Left page; March 2012

Right page; October 2012 (after levo treatment)

I find the symptoms list so easy to track everything. I'm particularly concerned with how my symptoms effect my ability to function well at times when I have the biggest demands on me - for me this is my work day, when I cannot 'take it easy' or have a little nap.

Red; symptoms have a negative effect on my well-being and ability to work.

Yellow; symptoms which are manageable.

Green; symptoms no longer an issue. (reverse side of Oct '12 has a lot of green!)

It's useful for me to track symptoms, but also to take to the GP.

You'll find the list here, which you can download and print off

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  • Thanks for this. This could be very useful for a lot of people!

    Carolyn x

  • Really helpful! :-)


  • Really good tip thanks xx

  • Brilliant! Thanks.

  • Hi

    Good idea! Took me ages to find it on the site :-( could be me, though ...

    It's under - About The Thyroid > Hypothyroidism > Signs and Symptoms


  • Or click this link to go directly there :)


  • Hypothyroid symptom list is here

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