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why is my thyroid condition acting up after 10+ years

Hi I was diagnosed with graves disease at age 21, had the goiter removed at 22, and at age 24 had the radio iodine treatment which gave me under active thyroid... with years of finding the correct balance getting my condition stable I have been on Levothyroxine 200mcg for 10+ years with no symptoms whatsoever. I am now 45 and last October I became unwell and was off work with very bad palpitations, lost over a stone in weight, I was having more frequent, heavier periods and was extremely fatigued, the doctor said this was due to being overmedicated on my tablets so lowered the dosage to 175mcg. I felt well enough to return to work after 2 weeks although still had some of the symptoms (foggy brain, feeling cold etc..) My periods in Jan and Feb this year were very light and only lasted a day or 2 and since March I haven't had any periods, I've started to pile on the weight, I have been off work the past 2 weeks with the same diagnoses (overmedication) but my symptoms are of sweating, fatigued but can't sleep, headaches, aches in my joints, blurred vision, feeling off balance, very emotional, forgetfulness, the list goes on... so they have lowered the dosage again to 150mcg.... I asked the doctor why is this happening now after all these years and all I got is "I'm at that age and it's menopausal" although maybe I am "at that age" I just don't like feeling fobbed off and wonder why my symptoms have somewhat changed from last year but still have the same diagnoses... just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same?

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You aren't necessarily being fobbed off as menopause hormone can disrupt previously stable thyroid medication. Your GP can do a blood test to see whether you are peri or menopausal.

If you post your recent thyroid blood tests with lab ref ranges we can see whether you may be undermedicated.

Ask for your ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate to be tested too. Deficiencies and low in range results can present with many of the symptoms you describe above and may not be hypoT symptoms.

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Thanks Clutter for your reply, I have never been given the results for my levels but did notice on the screen - 29 (whatever that is) and that's still high according to the GP, so I don't know what it was last October. I have had blood tests for diabetes and the vitamin D B12, all normal, thanks


You need to ask your GP receptiionist for a printout of your recent thyroid blood tests with lab ref ranges. Post them in a new question when you have them.


Hi Shelley, this is about how I am feeling now with about the same symptoms as you after sub-total op for Graves in 1978. Mine problems seem to stem from change in Levothyroxine and have been going on for the past 4 years when I was changed from Eltroxin to Mercury Pharma generic Levothyroxine. In early February I changed to Wockhardt, but have been going steadily downhill and last night was up half the night with a burning mouth and face. Am also on Omeprazole for reflux, but feel the real reason is that I am very undermedicated because the medication is not working. Hope you manage to find an answer soon. Janet.


hi j_bee, sorry to hear you're feeling unwell again, although I've had this condition for years I actually know nothing about this disease at all, hopefully I will become knowledgeable thru this site. Thanks


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