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can anyone help?

I have my nhs endo appointment on 22nd of this month, i have learned so much since last time i went to him and i have done loads of private blood testing prior to this appointment i was just wondering if anyone can help me on what to say to him.

My tsh within a month has gone from 1.73-2.84, although my ft4 is in range its not in the optimal range and my saliva cortisol was high while my dhea is low, i think i mainly need help on these two on what this could mean!

I have told my endo time and time again that i have many symptoms but they shrug me of and tell me my tsh is good and its the golden standard test (i now know different), the tsh test result of 2.84 was done privately, surely i have proof that my tsh is rising?

How can i pull him on optimal levels, basically i just need a lil bit of help on how to pull him on all this and the best way to do so, i don't want to keep leaving the endo wishing i had said more, i also tell them of my swallowing problems and he/she tells me there is no way my nodule can be doing this, im hoping to have my active b12 results next week to also shed more light!

My blood tests i had last august shows that maybe by now i can have some iron deficiency but the gp has left it as that and hasn't said nothing else about being redone again!

Im having a 24 hour heart monitor put on, im also seeing dr peatfield on the 24th, the thing is i just want my endo to listen to me too, they seem to only worry about if my nodule has turned to cancer!

I would be very appreciative if anyone can help me on what is the best way to approach my nhs endo.

many thanks xx

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If you are seeing Dr Peatfield, you will be in good hands. He is very good at helping people with adrenal issues. I was replying to someone earlier who's cortisol results have improved greatly but Dr P had suggested she needed DHEA.

I have read that reducing stress and doing things that make you happy, and also exercise, deep breathing, meditation etc, can help restore the balance of cortisol and DHEA but I know all of that is easier said than done!

Although DHEA is a prescription-only drug in this country, it does seem that you can buy it online. I'm sure Dr P will advise what to do regarding your low DHEA. It is something to be careful with so please follow Dr P's instructions.

I'm not sure really how to approach your endo as I have never seen one (can't get a referral :( ) but any gaps in your care from your endo will be filled by Dr P. I suppose you can only be assertive (you know what's wrong) but polite at the same time. You may not get any joy this time but you never know. Show him your results. Take any evidence, research papers that you have and show him that you know what you are talking about.

Good luck and I hope you get somewhere, but if you don't I'm sure Dr P will be able to help.

Carolyn x


thanks for your reply, im going to try my endo out and see what they say, im so glad I have decided to go see dr p, as so many on here has so much nice things to say, im sure he will think my tsh of 2.84 isn't where it should be!

Im going to see if my endo will do another tsh test on the 22nd be nice to see where it lays now, since giving up smoking it has got higher every month, I read smoking can surpress symptoms and test results, got to admit since giving up smoking I have felt worse x


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