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On the mend finaly

I was diagnosed under active with tsh level of 128 four months ago. .went threw the usuall hell serious chest pains, costant headaches, breathing difficulties, musle pain, and just felt that its a real dirty illness. I was at the doctors every other day or hospital nothing was ever done until last week when having serious panic attaks .couldnt get a doctors appointment so got a phone appointment and he put me on fluanxol 2 tablets later felt the benefits. Now felling much better a week in. And me tsh level is at 12.6 and t4 is at 10 what I dont understand but feeling like my old self and carnt wait 2 be really well and go earn some wages which has surley been missed

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Hi Mackey930,

The drug you have been given is for mental illness. What is your doctor going to do about your underactive thyroid? I'm pleased you're feeling a bit better but question your treatent. Are you sure you have the correct name for your current treatment?

Best wishes,



Your TSH level at 128 is exceptionally high and should have been treated with levothyroxine. Does your doctor know how to treat hypothyroidism?. She knows how to treat panic attacks by giving you an anti-d for panic, but the panic is most probably due to such a high TSH and hyp being untreated.

Your brain contains the most T3 cells and therefore, levothyroxine (T4) should convert to enough T3 to enable your system to try to recover somewhat. It is most important that you are medicated adequately as more serious consequences could arise, such as heart etc.


Thanks 4 replies.and I didnt put in I am on 50mcg ov levothyroxine im ready 2 try t3 because the t4 has corsed all the problems. Panic attacks, anxiety chest pains


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