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Thyroid tests keep coming back satisfactory but have lots of symptoms

I have suffered for years with excessive tiredness and other symptoms but all thyroid tests have come back normal with one being borderline. I have been treated for depression and now get B12 injections. I have also just been diagnosed with sleep apnoea which would account for the tiredness but not the dry skin, etc.Can you have 'normal' readings but still need treated?

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Definitely! The normal ranges are quite wide but each individuals personal normal range is quite narrow. It may be that you are not within your normal range but unfortunately most doctors don't seem to realise this and won't even consider a diagnosis if you are within the "normal" range.

If you have a B12 deficiency that will be playing quite a big part in how you are feeling. It would also be worth getting a serum iron and ferritin test too. Even if you are not anaemic you can still be iron deficient. If your ferritin comes back as below 70 you would probably benefit from iron supplements although you may have to buy these yourself. Doctors only tend to prescribe for severe deficiencies these days.

Do you have your thyroid results? If so, could you post them here please so we can have a look. If you don't have them, you are entitled to them so do ask.

I hope you get to the bottom of this.

Carolyn x


Only results I know are TSH 1.16 and T4 15. Don't eat red meat so could be iron deficient think that was checked too. I am going to go back to GP to discuss results as was given them by receptionist.


Hi make sure you are having TSH T4 and Free T3 tested. The only way to tell if you need T4 ( Levo) and T3 on a script T3 lowers the tSH slightly ,helps all the symptoms especially weight. Most endo`s love it, but GP will normally only use tit if tSh not too low in range. Always have a print out of test results with range ( all Labs different ) so vital Ask the receptionist hospital doc or their secretary. Routine although they always check Post if you like.

Also there are other important tests,especially vit D hormonal if low, then a corrected calcium test before treatment Calcium must always be in range, so cannot take D if not. Retest both after 3 months, if OK annually. Diabetes, autoimmune and hormonal Glucose and if possible the Hb A1c test.Also iron/ferritin often low, and lastly B12 and Foliates, autoimmune. All these are normally done on first visit by an endo and vital. There are more tests too, if nothing improves.

Best wishes,



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