Hi just a quick question ive had basic thyroid test which came back ok. Have been getting a lot of symptoms that point to hypothyroidism

and have also found a lump at the front of my throat, I am returning to the docs as not happy with being fobbed off with G.A.D and Depression, when i feel its so much more. Wanted some advise of what tests i should ask for and what to say. if anyone can help would be really grateful

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Amy, I realize you are probably new here but good that you know when you are being fobbed off. None of us are satisfied with an "okay" from a doctor. You need to see your results and the ranges from the lab. Even if you are within those ranges, if you don't feel well, you should ask to lower your TSH with some sort of treatment. I think the most you can hope for is to be treated with hormone since it seems to be too expensive to determine all the other causes if you have low thyroid symptoms. Advice from Stop the Thyroid Madness website on optimal blood tests. stopthethyroidmadness.com/l...

Also interesting:

Have been to docs explained again my symptoms and the lump at the front of my throat/neck and that im concerned about having thyroid trouble,and that different thyroid problems run in my family on both sides. my last blood results in september where tsh of 2.43 in range of 0.27 to 4.20 if i'm correct which she said is normal. she then tells me lump is my adams apple (never noticed it before) and that im definitely just suffering from anxiety, but she will send me for a blood test if it makes me happy but only the basics, electrolytes, liver function, glucose, full blood count and tft1 thyroid disease? so i feel like another wasted trip

as the thyroid lies behind your Adam's Apple (which is not normally prominent in women) then it may be you're noticing a lump because there is swelling pushing your Adam's Apple forward?

It feels like i have 2 lumps one above the other, the doctor told me it isnt my thyroid as its too high up and apparently thyroid is at base of throat just above the clavicle bones

well, there's a lot going on in that area. Here's a link to some diagrams of Adam's Apple and thyroid relative positions which you may find interesting : google.co.uk/search?q=posit...

Hi Amy

Sorry to hear you are being fobbed off, it seems a pretty common thing these days. I remember all your symptoms from your other post and I remember that anxiety was a big part of your symptoms. I suffer with anxiety that comes and goes and I'm sure it has something to do with my thyroid. When are you having your next blood tests? Make sure that when you get the results you ask for a print out for your records. Your tsh isn't that high but it most definitely could be lower. They say optimal is between 1 and 2 but for you 2.43 might be too high,everyone is different. Are you able to see a different gp or is this one the only one available where you live? It would be very useful to have thyroid antibodies checked as well as ferritin,b12,folate and vitamin d.

Hi there, its so annoying makes me so mad, I will have to wait till someone is available to come with me as obviously i dont go out alone and i absolutely hate blood tests, such a wimp lol. Gp i see today was a different one so i dont know what else to do :(

Get your blood test as early as possible in the morning, as that's when our TSH is highest. It is such a pity they have lost the knowledge of diagnosing by clinical symptoms. There is no test for depression but will prescribe meds without a blood test. Always get a copy of your blood tests for your own records and you can post them if you have a query. Always make sure they have the ranges as labs differ. Make sure she tests Vit B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. The first two are usually deficient and can cause clinical symptoms.

Here are a few informative links and I think the TSH in No. 4 will surprise you.





How very true everything you go to the doctors for seems to be cured with antidepressants. I will try and go first thing if that is the case, thank you all for advice x

You see Amy when I finally went to see a gp in the summer I had most of the symptoms you had.

I was told that I was just depressed and needed to go on antidepressants but I insisted on blood tests and like you only got the basic ones which really didn't show much. But in my heart I knew I wasn't well, it wasn't in my head something was wrong with me. I took hubby with me the following time and told her what made me think that there was more to do this than depression.She told my blood tests were "normal" but I kept insisting. I went in armed with a list of tests that the lovely people on this board had recommended. Somehow I managed to convince her to run a few of these tests and low and behold...yes I was right: b12 was low, ferritin and vitamin D were also very low and they could all explain my symptoms.

My antibodies although in range were on the high end so I managed again to convince that they would need repeating. I've just had them done and my antibodies have tripled which might indicate an autoimmune problem with my thyroid. I still don't have a diagnosis but they are listening to me now and have admitted that there might be a problem with my thyroid and that I need monitoring.

All of this to say...believe in yourself. If you don't feel right don't let them bully you into just accepting "it's just anxiety" as a diagnosis. Don't give up, change doctors if you can and if it really doesn't go anywhere maybe get some private tests done.

I'm glad your finally starting to get somewhere i guess persistence does pay, i will keep trying as im sure that this may be my problem and if it is not then i've ruled it out, does thyroid run in families?

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