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Hypothyroid symptoms for normal results!

Please please can you help me? I am a new member and quite desperate. My 19 year old type 1 diabetic daughter has just suspended her studies from university and come home with, what I think are symptoms of hypothyroidism. Extreme exhaustion and lethargy, aching muscles, great weight gain, 'fuzzy' brain, mood swings - absolutely no energy. she's even walking so slowly. Just taken her to an endo who says everything is normal. However, I have been reading a lot, and query what he is saying. TSH 2.73 (I know the US level has now been lowered to 2.5 and considering anything above should potentially be treated - at least trial treated - as hypothyroid). FT4 13.6 and FT3 4.82. I have read that many people don't feel well with these symptoms unless their TSH is somewhere between 1 and 2, and their FT4 is even above the upper range of 22.0. Please can you tell me your experiences and whether you think I am totally barking up the wrong tree. Many thanks

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Hi there and welcome. (sorry you're here).

I'm sorry we are just fellow Thyroid sufferers here, I cannot comment about diabetes but I presume this is a new thing and not connected?

No, not everything shows up in the blood but as you say TSH should be around 1 and FT4 & FT3 higher. However doctors tend to diagnose when TSH gets well out of range. Perhaps looking at information on the main TUK site will help...

You can ask for antibodies tests (e.g. TPO which confirm an autoimmune Thyroid condition)

Also has she had irons/ferritin folate/B12 and Vitamin D tested too (similar fatigue symptoms).

Is she cold? - (an obvious symptom of Hypothyroid).

With best wishes Jane :D


Hi As above, but make sure you have the ranges, as all different at each Lab and cannot really evaluate without these. Some, best endos do treat on how one is and not just bloods, the very good ones

You must be very worried, given your daughters age. It is important to get it all sorted out.I would do a lot of research , then see another endo. I see mine privately but Louisewarvill@thyroid has a small list. Or research , names ,then CVs and look at local private hospitals, cross match as the private hospitial sites usually give a lot of info. Also you can phone a hospital consultants sec and ask about treatment. usually if they are nice so is the consultant!.There are a lot of things you can do, especially if prepared to pay for blood tests through TUK etc, if GP not doing them all.www.thyroid, use Blue Horizon, or their main site as well known., by post and result to you on line, finger prick or venous blood ,all the details on the site.If using them quote TUK 10 for a £10 discount.Only doc involved is their Harley Stt. Doc look at them first, any thing glaring they tell you, e mail with the results. Their VIt D ( hormonal) is best but costs £55. City ( see site) do the same one as NHS, fine.Lots more things ,so do not give up. You may have to fight for the correct treatment but persist.

Best wishes to you both Jackie

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Thank you both for answering. She has had irons/ferritin folate/B12 and Vit D - all look fine. She hasn't had TPO done though. What I don't understand is this. I do understand that different labs have different ranges, but some seem dramatically different i.e.. this labs FT3 level is 2.63 to 5.7, when I have read that the low end range is 4, hence my question with Olivia's T3 being 4.82. So is this a difference in the test, or just a difference in the view of the doctors reading the test as to what the range should be? We are seeing a private endo in London, but I have another one that has been recommended by Olivia's previous diabetic consultant, who is based in Oxford, so I could go to him for a second opinion. Will look at Louise Warvill's list too. If Consultant in London won't do a TPO, then I know a private clinic near us that I can use. Am I right though do you both think? Something is very wrong, even when all the blood tests are looking 'normal' - my daughter has slept for 10 hours last night, and is so tired this lunchtime that she wants to go back to bed!!!


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