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Does anyone have a painful thyroid and then bloodshot eye?

Hi, I've Hashi's, on 75mg Thyroxine TSH 1.2 and for the last 2 weeks I've had a very painful thyroid. Went to the doc's Wednesday, who felt the area and said that I could have a thyroid infection, but couldn't feel anyone out of the ordinary. Yesterday I started with a bloodshot eye, it's a bit better today but worried it could be Thyroid Eye Disease - anyone heard of this or any ideas?


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Hya. I have been getting a bloodshot eye a couple times a month. I was worried about thyroid eye disease too. I have had it fully checked out. Was told it was inflammation and to take eye drops. It always recurs so I asked the consultant what do I do when it comes back. His reply was 'it won't. I replied ' oh yes it will' which of course it did. It has been happening for about 3 years. I have untreated Hashis ( cannot tolerate thyroxine).

I have now been discharged from the eye clinic after being monitored for about a year. They have assured me it is not TED. I feel that I am having hyper episodes coinciding with these red eye flair ups but also I am being investigated for hemiplegic migraine ( get left side weakness but not headache). I have read that you can get bloodshot eye with migraines.

It may be that you are under medicated. Someone on the forum will comment on your blood test results if you post them. If you are worried make an optician appointment and they can refer you to the eye clinic if need be. Try not to worry though!

Hope this helps

Best wishes



Hi Carolineanne

Thanks you have re-assured me!

I also get terrible migraine type heads down the left side of my face, from my left eye into my left cheek/jaw and down into my neck. The doctor put me on Amitriptyline to help and also with sleeping but had to come off it this week as I have liver problems!

Isn't it a bugger!




Lol, isn't it? I am so grateful that I do not get the headache, it sounds terrible. I just get weakness on left side, slurred speech, half my brain missing and co ordination problems. I also get the tingling and buzzing on left side face, eye and lips, tongue etc. have seen one neurologist, he said no to hemiplegic migraine but my gp scoffed at his letter and said that I have all the symptoms so she has referred me to a headache clinic!

I have read a lot of stories about us poor thyroid people who have experienced the same symptoms which go away when optimally treated. So maybe it is thyroid or adrenal? I don't know.

Was the amitriptyline helping? If so, hope you can find something else to help with the headaches. We have to keep reading and researching!!

Best wishes

Carolineanne x


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